Front Fender Trim Rail - Honda VTX 1300 Custom (C)

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UPC: 3311934142481
Brand: BIKEMASTERSUK Limited Co.
Condition: New
Fits Models: Honda VTX 1300 Custom (C)
Exterior finish: Triple Chrome Surface
Made in: EU
Item location: UK | EU
Warranty: 2 years
Returns: Free 30 days
Dispatch Time: 1 - 5 business days
Package Weight: 1 kg

Product description

Made by modern technology, high-quality, perfectly welded, ideally smooth and reinforced triple chrome plated front fender trim rail. Robust and elegant design makes this front fender must-have item for your motorcycle.

Fits model: Honda VTX 1300 Custom (C)

Perfectly manufactured, finished with a premium quality chrome. Installation is very simple within a 10min.

Stainless Steel | Durable | Exclusive Craftsmanship | Front Fender Trim Guard

Sold by BIKEMASTERSUK Limited Co. Dispatch from Amazon EU (UK)

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