Leather rear trunk roll bag case - Genuine cowhide leather product

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Product Details
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Brand: BIKEMASTERSUK Limited Co.
Condition: New
Fits Models: All models
Material: Genuine cowhide leather
Exterior finish: Leather
Made in: EU
Item location: EU | UK
Warranty: 2 years
Returns: Free 30 days
Dispatch Time: 1 - 5 business days
Package Weight: up to 4 kg

Product description

Introducing the brand rear roll bag case, meticulously crafted from premium 2.0 mm thick cowhide leather and fortified with an additional 2 mm thick plastic layer.

This exceptional construction ensures unparalleled durability and resistance to deformation even under heavy loads.

For effortless attachment to your motorcycle, the case features convenient loops on its back wall and bottom.

Choose from three enticing versions:
A - Smooth, exuding a sleek and minimalist appeal.
B - Adorned with decorative rivets for a touch of sophistication.
C - Embellished with decorative rivets and fringes, exuding a bold and adventurous vibe.

Product Dimensions:
Length: 52 cm
Height: 25 cm
Width: 30 cm
Capacity: 29 L

The case set includes a practical assembly kit comprising 3 long straps and 2 short straps, ensuring hassle-free installation.
To further enhance your storage options, you can also purchase a pair of pockets, with the price varying based on your chosen model.

Sold by BIKEMASTERSUK Ltd. | Dispatch from Amazon

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