Sissy Bar Passenger Backrest - Suzuki VL 800 Volusia / C50 Boulevard

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Brand: BIKEMASTERSUKĀ® Limited Co.
Condition: New
Fits Models: Suzuki VL 800 Volusia / C50 Boulevard
Material: Stainless steel - OH18N9
Exterior finish: Polished stainless steel
Made in: EU
Item location: UK | EU
Warranty: 2 years
Returns: Free 30 days
Dispatch Time: 1 - 5 business days
Package Weight: 4 kg

Product description

Stainless steel bar passenger backrest + luggage rack is made of high-quality stainless steel which is several times stronger than steel chrome classic black.

Fits model: Suzuki VL 800 Volusia / C50 Boulevard

All components are made of modern technology and polished to a high gloss. The stainless steel material also ensures that the backrest will never show signs of rust or corrosion (lifetime resistance to corrosion).

Installation is quick, simple and accurate, without any interventions or modifications to the motorcycle. Easy to install mounting hardware unique to your bike model guarantees a perfect fit for your ride.

The backrest can add miles of comfort to a day's travel. This is the best accessory that provides passanger's back support available on the market!

Detachable luggage rack will also give you extra space to add a saddlebag or top case to your bike.

We guarantee functionality, precision and high-quality at a very affordable price, as with all offered types.

We give 2 years warranty for everything we sell and if you are not happy with our product, return it to our address and we will refund whole amount.

Made in EU | Quality Stainless Steel | Durable | Precise Laser Cut Design | Exclusive Craftsmanship

Sold by BIKEMASTERSUK Limited Co. | Dispatch from Amazon EU (UK) warehouse.

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